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International Union for Conservation of Nature UK Peatland Programme

National Peatland Framework Project

The National Peatland Framework project is a two year programme of advocacy and knowledge exchange with the aim of establishing and funding a permanent structure to support the network of peatland projects and oversee the conservation and management of our peatlands into the future. 

The project will include administration of the Peatland Code, a national conference, a review of the Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands and international networking through IUCN.

We are entering a new era where the vital role of peatlands to society is being recognised. The case is clear that action now to restore and manage our peatlands will avoid huge costs in future and bring benefits for biodiversity, water management and climate change. 

Building a lasting framework and partnership to secure the right management of our peatlands is one of the most important environmental investments this generation can make. 

Clifton Bain, Director IUCN UK Peatland Programme