Chat Moss and 12 Yards Road.
Chat Moss and 12 Yards Road © Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

The Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership

Volunteers will be at the forefront of the Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership’s drive for a bigger, better and more joined-up Nature Improvement Area, funded by Peter De Haan’s Charitable Trust. Led by Lancashire Wildlife Trust through the proposed Carbon Landscape Partnership Scheme, we will be increasing volunteer action, helping local people to raise awareness of the importance of our landscape within the wider community, celebrating its heritage and developing a sense of pride and place. 

With a wide range of partners involved, we need effective coordination of volunteers to support skills development and training as well as a rewards and recognition package that ensures our volunteers are valued for their fantastic efforts.

This is a really exciting opportunity for Lancashire Wildlife Trust and partners of the Great Manchester Wetlands Nature Improvement Area. Funding from Peter De Haan Charitable Trust will enable our first partnership programme to happen with essential match funds for our Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Scheme. We recognise the invaluable role that volunteers play within our landscape. Not only will we make our Nature Improvement Area bigger, better and more joined-up, but we will ensure our volunteer task force is bigger, better and more joined-up, enabling local people to be at the heart of a landscape that has become an unrivalled sanctuary for both wildlife and public enjoyment.

Daveen Wallis, Head of People and Wildlife, Lancashire Wildlife

Protestors with Barbara Keeley MP on Chat Moss.
© Lancashire Wildlife Trust
Volunteers on Wigan Flashes.
© Lancashire Wildlife Trust