Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve
Westhay Moor Nature Reserve © Guy Edwardes / 2020 Vision


Founded in 1999, The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust has improved the quality of life for people and communities in the UK through its work with environmental, arts and community welfare, donating £28.6 million to organisations working in these areas. 

Led by businessman and philanthropist Peter De Haan, the Trust operates under a venture philanthropy model, working closely with the organisations it supports financially and organisationally to increase their capacity and impact. 

Until 2015, the Trust targeted a significant proportion of its resources towards the youth arts charity IdeasTap, as well as select UK wildlife trusts, and community projects surrounding its South London offices.

A landscape of people working the land.
© Herència Alté

The Trust is currently concerned with two large-scale environmental projects. The first, El Grau de L’Inquisidor, is a five-year Environmental Improvement Programme launched in 2017. 

The project, on the site of an organic winery in Barcelona, Spain is part restoration, part advocacy, with ambitious aims to improve and restore the natural environment, as well as offering an educational visitor experience and training for local workers. 

The second is the development of a large scale land acquisition in Spain, an area which will then be ‘rewilded’; allowed to develop so that natural processes self-manage a natural ecosystem.

The Trustee’s annual reports and financial statements can be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

Please note that the Trust is no longer accepting applications.

Peter De Haan

Peter De Haan is a businessman and philanthropist. He was Chief Financial Officer at Saga before selling his share stake in 1999 and setting up various businesses, as well as his charitable trust and arts charity IdeasTap. 

An advocate of the venture philanthropy model, Peter has worked closely with many of the organisations supported by the trust, offering mentoring and business advice. 

In 2012 Peter was awarded the Rothschild Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to nature conservation.


Peter De Haan

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